Although my interest in herpetology did not rise above the level of hobbyist, much of my youth was spent collecting native Southern California reptiles.  My hobby later broadened to include creating a photographic record of the reptiles found in Southern California. Through the encouragement and efforts of Dr. Jeff Lovich of the U.S. Geological Survey, several of my photographs appear in the publications listed below:

Ernst, Carl H., and Evelyn M. Ernst. 2003. Snakes of the United States and Canada.  Smithsonian Books, Washington and London. (pages 17, 35, 42, 68, 267, 273, 396, 498).

A single photograph of mine, a southern rubber boa (Charina umbratica) appears in…

Cornett, Jim. 1982. Wildlife of the Western Mountains. Nature Trails Press, Palm Springs, California. (page 88).

In my “former life”, I was fortunate to have served as a peace officer for the State of California. I retired after 30 years of service. My wife, Sue, passed away in August 2019. She was a career school teacher retiring after 34 years of teaching elementary school students. We have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.