Monster In My Garden™ is the creator of Gila Monster and Rust Tortoise garden statuary. These sculptures are realistic and provide the perfect accent to Southwest desert landscapes and cactus gardens. Each sculpture is durable and resistant to the effects of weather. Each is handcrafted in the USA.

The Gila Monster sculpture is cast with a strong USG alpha gypsum. Colors are achieved using acrylic paint. Each sculpture is hand-crafted and carefully painted to mimic the dorsal patterns that naturally occur in both subspecies...(H. s. suspectum and H. s. cinctum). No two sculptures bear the exact same dorsal pattern (as is also true with living Gila's).

The Rust Tortoise sculpture is a blend of both rustic and realism. It is shaped to resemble the adult desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) found in the deserts of the Southwest. The body is cast with a strong USG alpha gypsum. Some parts are cast in solid resin. After the final metal coating is applied, acid and dye-oxide patinas are applied to provide each tortoise with its unique coloration.

3 gilas small rust tortoise





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