Monster In My Garden™ is the creator of Gila Monster replicas. These replicas are ideally suited for museum dioramas depicting extreme desert habitats. Gila replicas may also provide the perfect accent to Southwest desert landscapes and cactus gardens. With reasonable precautions, Gila replicas are durable and resistant to the effects of weather. All replicas are handcrafted in the USA.

Unlike taxidermy skin mounts, Gila Monster replicas will not decay over time. Our replicas are created with reusable molds and various casting materials. The latest version, the type 5 Gila replica (from the fifth mold created) is a stand-alone version that is cast in a strong polyurethane casting resin. The type 5 replica weighs approximately 1.75 lbs.

Colors are achieved using artist's acrylics. Each replica is hand-crafted and carefully painted to mimic the dorsal patterns that naturally occur in both subspecies (H. s. suspectum and H. s. cinctum). No two replicas bear the same exact dorsal pattern (as is also true with living Gila monsters). A flat clear-coat is applied at the final stage.






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